Top Crime Alerts for August 21, 2023

In Phoenix, Arizona, a shocking crime unfolded when a local convenience store was targeted in a brazen armed robbery. According to authorities, two individuals, masked and armed with handguns, stormed into the store demanding cash from the terrified cashier. The incident, which occurred during peak hours, caused distress among customers who were ordered to the ground for their safety.

The suspects swiftly emptied the cash register before attempting to flee the scene in a stolen vehicle, leading to a high-speed chase with the police. The pursuit ended when the suspects crashed the stolen car into a nearby residential area, causing significant property damage.

Law enforcement officers immediately swarmed the crash site, apprehending one suspect as they attempted to flee on foot. The second suspect managed to escape temporarily but was subsequently apprehended, thanks to the joint efforts of the police and K-9 units.

The incident quickly garnered attention from residents and local businesses, emphasizing the need for increased security measures in the area. Many expressed their concerns about the rising rate of crime and urged authorities to take stronger action to ensure the safety of the community.

Both suspects face numerous charges, including armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of stolen property. As the investigation continues, authorities are working to determine if the two individuals are connected to any similar crimes in the area.

This harrowing incident showcases the importance of remaining vigilant and cooperative in identifying and reporting suspicious activity to prevent such crimes from recurring in Phoenix, Arizona.

August 21, 2023: Electric and stovetop pressure cookers

This recall involves Bella, Bella Pro Series, Crux, and Cooks electric pressure cookers, and Bella stovetop pressure cookers. The stainless-steel electric pressure cookers are six-, eight-, and 10-quart capacity. The stovetop pressure cookers are five-, eight-, and 12-quart capacity. The item or model number of the recalled pressure cookers is printed on the permanent on-product label or imprinted stamp on the bottom of the cookers. The item or model numbers of the recalled pressure cookers are: Brand Electric Pressure Cooker Item No. Size Stovetop Pressure Cooker Model No. Bella 14467 6-Qt JY-PC20US-5P 5-Qt 14570 6-Qt JYPC24US-8P 8-Qt 14595 8-Qt JY-PC26US-11P 12-Qt 14682 8-Qt 14710 6-Qt 14718 8-Qt 14719 6-Qt 14780 Bella Pro Series 90072 6-Qt 90073 8-Qt Crux 14721 8-Qt Cooks 22276 6-Qt

CDC: Taking Care of Your Emotional Health


It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief, and worry during and after a disaster. Everyone reacts differently, and your own feelings will change over time. Notice and accept how you feel. Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself […]