Top Crime Alerts for August 27, 2023

Title: Atlanta Man Arrested for Engaging in Multi-Million Dollar Tax Fraud Scheme

In Atlanta, Georgia, law enforcement officials recently apprehended an individual involved in a complex tax fraud operation. The suspect, a middle-aged Atlanta man with a well-established reputation in the business community, was allegedly linked to a multi-million dollar fraud scheme that had been ongoing for an extended period.

Following a detailed investigation conducted by the FBI, in collaboration with local authorities, evidence suggested that the perpetrator had created an elaborate network of bogus companies to facilitate the fraudulent practices. The suspect reportedly utilized false identities and manipulated financial records to deceive tax authorities and evade substantial tax liabilities.

Authorities have estimated that the total amount of unpaid taxes connected to this operation could amount to millions of dollars over several years. Their breakthrough came after receiving multiple anonymous tips from individuals suspicious of the fraudulent activities surrounding the accused.

Upon executing a search warrant at the individual’s upscale residence in Atlanta, law enforcement officials reportedly seized an abundance of incriminating evidence, including fraudulent documents, financial records, and substantial amounts of cash. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody, facing multiple charges, including tax evasion, identity theft, and money laundering.

Atlanta’s District Attorney praised the collaborative efforts of various enforcement agencies, which ultimately led to this significant arrest. The case is expected to be closely examined and thoroughly prosecuted, involving rigorous forensic accounting and legal expertise to seek justice for the victims and restore the integrity of the tax system.

While the investigation is ongoing, experts predict that the case could serve as a wake-up call for authorities, leading to more stringent measures in place to combat complex tax fraud schemes. Additionally, calls for increased public awareness regarding the identification and reporting of fraudulent activities are expected to grow, further strengthening the community’s resolve against such criminal practices.

August 27, 2023: Ubio Labs power banks

This recall involves Ubio Labs power banks, sold in either a pack of one or a pack of two. The recalled power banks are black and have the model number PWB1071 printed on the back. The Costco item number is printed on the package. The item number for the single pack is 1314518, and the item number for the two-pack is 1265470.

CDC: Listeria Outbreak Linked to Ice Cream


Food Safety Alert Recalled Food “Soft Serve On The Go” Ice Cream Cups On August 9, Real Kosher Ice Cream recalled all flavors of their “Soft Serve On The Go” ice cream cups. The outbreak strain of Listeria was found in “Soft Serve On The Go” ice cream cups collected from the manufacturing location and from a sick person’s […]