Top Crime Alerts for August 28, 2023

Title: Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested after High-Speed Chase in Atlanta

ATLANTA – In a dramatic turn of events, Atlanta police have apprehended a suspect related to an armed robbery incident after a high-speed chase ended near downtown Atlanta.

Authorities received a distress call from a local convenience store on the city’s southwest side reporting an armed robbery at gunpoint. Eyewitnesses stated that a male suspect, armed with a handgun, entered the store and demanded cash from the register. After obtaining an undisclosed amount of money, the suspect fled the scene in a stolen vehicle.

Responding officers quickly located the stolen vehicle near the store and initiated a pursuit. The high-speed chase ensued across multiple city streets as the suspect attempted to evade arrest, displaying reckless driving behavior and endangering pedestrians and motorists.

During the pursuit, law enforcement successfully utilized various tactical maneuvers to immobilize the suspect’s vehicle, forcing it to come to a stop near downtown Atlanta.

The suspect, described as a male in his late twenties, was taken into custody without further incident, as a swarm of patrol cars cornered him. Police recovered the stolen cash and a handgun believed to be used in the robbery.

“We commend the unified efforts of our officers who swiftly responded to the incident, effectively contained the situation, and apprehended the suspect without any injuries to civilians or law enforcement personnel,” stated Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Lisa Johnson.

Authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation to determine whether the arrested suspect is connected to any previous criminal activities in the area. The Atlanta Police Department urges anyone with information related to the case to come forward and provide assistance.

The suspect will face multiple charges, including armed robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle, and evading arrest. The district attorney’s office will review the case for formal charges.

Residents in the area are relieved by the swift resolution and praised the police for their dedication to maintaining safety and order within the Atlanta community.

Note: This crime news story is fictional and has no direct connection to any specific incident in Atlanta, GA.

August 28, 2023: Dehumidifiers

This recall involves 42 models of dehumidifiers with brand names Kenmore, GE, SoleusAir, Norpole and Seabreeze, manufactured between January 2011 and February 2014. The recalled model numbers are listed below. Kenmore Model number Capacity 407.5353031 30-pint 407.5355031 50-pint 407.5357031 70-pint 407.5357131 70-pint GE Model number Capacity ADEH50LPQ1 50-pint ADEH50LQQ1 50-pint ADEH50LRL1 50-pint ADEL30LRQ1 30-pint ADEL50LRL1 50-pint ADEL70LRL1 70-pint ADER30LPQ1 30-pint ADER30LQQ1 30-pint ADER40LPQ1 40-pint ADER40LQQ1 40-pint ADER50LPQ1 50-pint ADER50LQQ1 50-pint ADER50LRL1 50-pint ADER50LSL1 (with date code 01/14) 50-pint ADER65LPQ1 65-pint ADER65LQQ1 65-pint ADER70LRL1 70-pint ADEW30LPQ1 30-pint ADEW30LQQ1 30-pint ADEW50LPQ1 50-pint ADEW50LQQ1 50-pint ADEW50LRL1 50-pint ADEW65LPQ1 65-pint ADEW65LQQ1 65-pint ADEW70LRL1 70-pint SoleusAir Model number Capacity GL-DEH-45F-2Q3 45-pint GL-DEH-70EIP-6L3 70-pint GL-DEH-70F-2L3 70-pint GM-DEH-30M-1Q3 30-pint GM-DEH-45-1Q3 45-pint GM-DEH-70-1L3 70-pint SG-DEH-25-4 25-pint SG-DEH-30E-1Q3 30-pint SG-DEH-45E-1Q3 45-pint SG-DEH-70E-1L3 70-pint SG-DEH-70E-2L3 70-pint Seabreeze DH470SB 70-pint Norpole NPDH30PG-1 30-pint

FDA: Treating Cushing’s Disease in Dogs


FDA approved medications can help manage this disease that most commonly occurs in middle-aged and older dogs. Your nine-year old dog has been drinking a lot more lately and eating everything in sight. Plus, he’s losing hair and has a pot-bellied appearance. A visit to the vet and some diagnostic tests confirm that he has […]