Top Crime Alerts for September 9, 2023

Title: Houston Police Arrest Armed Robbery Suspect Following Dramatic Car Chase

Houston, TX – Law enforcement authorities successfully apprehended an armed robbery suspect yesterday, following a thrilling car chase through multiple neighborhoods.

According to police reports, the suspect is believed to have been involved in a series of armed robberies targeting local businesses in the Houston area. The authorities have withheld the suspect’s identity pending further investigation.

The incident began when officers responded to a distress call from a convenience store located in a bustling commercial district of Houston. Witnesses reported that the suspect had entered the store brandishing a firearm, demanding cash from the store clerk. Although no injuries were reported, the perpetrator managed to flee the scene with an undisclosed amount of money.

Thanks to a detailed description provided by witnesses, Houston Police Department launched an immediate city-wide search. Eventually, officers located a vehicle matching the description provided by the witnesses and initiated a high-speed pursuit.

During the chase, the suspect led police through several residential areas, disregarding traffic laws and even colliding with several parked vehicles. The dangerous pursuit came to an end when the suspect lost control of the stolen car, crashing into a tree near a local park.

Aided by canines and helicopter support, officers swiftly closed in on the crash site and successfully apprehended the suspect after a brief foot pursuit. Authorities later recovered the stolen money and weapon allegedly used in the previous robberies.

Houston Police Department spokesperson commended the professionalism and outstanding coordination displayed by the officers involved. He also expressed his gratitude towards the community for their prompt response in reporting the crime, which ultimately led to the swift arrest of the suspect.

The suspect currently faces multiple charges, including armed robbery, evading arrest, and damaging public property. Authorities have emphasized their commitment to work tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of the Houston community, urging citizens to remain vigilant and promptly report any suspicious activities.

As the investigation progresses, the Houston Police Department continues to encourage anyone with additional information regarding the suspect or related incidents to come forward and assist in the ongoing investigation.

September 9, 2023: Boon Flair & Flair Elite highchairs

This recall involves Boon Flair highchairs manufactured before September 2016, and all Boon Flair Elite highchairs. The recalled Flair Elite highchair has a white and orange molded plastic seat with a white tray and metal pedestal base. The Flair highchairs have a gray plastic pedestal base and were sold in 10 color combinations, including blue/white, white/orange, pink/white, green/white, gray/green, white, gray, white/gray, white/blue and red/white. The model numbers of the recalled highchairs are listed below. The model number and manufacturing date code are printed on a label located under the base of the highchair. Flair Elite Highchair Model No. Description B751 White / Orange Flair Highchair Model No. Description B701 Blue / White B702 White / Orange B703 Pink / White B704 Green / White B706 White / Orange B707 White / Blue B708 Red / White B709 Red / White B716 Green / White B717 White / Orange B718 White / Blue B731 White / Orange B10147 Gray / Green B11068 White / No Pad B11069 Gray / No Pad B11401 White / Gray

FDA: Healthy Breakfasts for Kids: It’s All About Balance


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