Top Crime Alerts for April 12, 2024

In Miami, FL, a man was arrested for robbery after allegedly holding up a convenience store at gunpoint. The suspect reportedly entered the store, pointed a gun at the clerk, and demanded money from the cash register. He then fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash. Thanks to surveillance footage, police were able to identify and apprehend the suspect shortly after the incident. He now faces charges of armed robbery and is being held in custody pending further investigation. The clerk was unharmed in the robbery, but the incident has left the community on edge.

FDA: Breast Cancer Screening – Thermogram No Substitute for Mammogram


Proper breast cancer screening checks for cancer even before there may be signs and symptoms of the disease. Mammography (low-dose X-ray imaging of the breast) is still the most effective primary screening method for detecting breast cancer in its early, most treatable stages. Some health centers provide information that can mislead patients into believing thermography, […]