Top Crime Alerts for April 14, 2024

In Miami, Florida, a man was arrested for allegedly robbing a convenience store at gunpoint. The suspect was caught on surveillance footage entering the store, brandishing a weapon, and demanding cash from the clerk. Police were able to track down the suspect based on witness descriptions and the footage from the store. The man was charged with armed robbery and is currently awaiting trial. This incident has left the community shaken and serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity to law enforcement.

FDA: Tattoo Removal – Options and Results


Sometimes people get a permanent tattoo then later decide they no longer want it. Life situations change or maybe the tattoo just didn’t come out as hoped. Removing a tattoo isn’t as easy as it might seem. It can be painful, and risks include possible scarring and infection. When done by a trained health care […]